Osmium-ART | Secure Storage

The collaboration between Post System Logistics and Osmium-ART is a partnership built on trust, innovation, and security. Storing and transporting the world's most valuable new violin, the "Osmium Violin", featuring crystalline osmium inlays and gemstones, requires the highest security standards and professional handling.

Our top-pf-the-line secure storage facilities in 1210 Vienna and near Vienna Schwechat Airport offer the perfect environment for storing valuable items like the Osmium Violin. With electronic access controls and surveillance systems, we can ensure 24/7 that the violin was and is protected and insured.

We not only handled storage but also the entire logistics for the safe transport of the violin during its world tour. Our experienced staff ensured that the violin was treated with the utmost care and safely delivered to its destination. The world tour began with premiere and worldwide debut at the headquarters of the Austrian Post and spanned Europe, including Belgrade at the Novak Djokovic Foundation, as well as the USA and South Korea.

The successful presentation of the Osmium Violin on its world tour was a testament to the efficiency and safety of our worldwide services. We are proud to be a reliable partner for Osmium-ART and to continue ensuring the safe journey of the Osmium Violin on its world tour.

Osmium violin presentation