Store and archive your documents and assets with Secure Storage

Our solutions help you reduce storage costs, comply with GDPR regulations, minimize risks, and extract added value from your information. Our product range includes the storage and archiving of documents, products, and other assets in our facilities in Strebersdorf and Enzersdorf an der Fischa. In addition, we offer comprehensive project management services as part of the archiving process to ensure that all your specifications are met in a professional and efficient manner.

Storage of:

  • Paper documents on pallets (e.g., document archives)
  • High-value assets (e.g., the world's most expensive violin)
  • High-value goods (e.g., historical books or blueprints)
  • Any artifacts (e.g. of stone, metal, plastic, etc.)

We provide the following services:

  • Transfer of existing physical archives (appointments as needed)
  • Secure transport with our own vehicles or with a partner of Austrian Post
  • Packaging and loading exclusively by employees of Post System Logistics
  • Registration of all documents and assets according to your specifications
  • Secure storage of your documents in a high-security storage facility with electronic access control
  • Disposal in line with data protection guidelines after the end of the archiving period
 As optional services, we offer scan on demand, scanning of individual documents as needed and the physical transfer of individual documents.