Optimize returns processing: More efficiency with professional returns management

In our returns management, we place great emphasis on handling returns effectively and with a customer-friendly approach. The process is divided into several steps to ensure that returns are processed both efficiently and economically.

1. Receipt and classification

  • Accepting returns from shipping partners
  • Inspection of item condition
  • Stock entry according to client specifications

2. Reporting

  • Documentation and analysis of reasons for returns
  • Assessment of damage rates
  • Confirmation of return entry, triggering of automated credits

3. Further processing of returns

3a: Preparation for reshipping

  •  Repackaging items to allow for reshipping
  • Checking and cleaning of any signs of use
  • Minor repairs as per client specifications

3b: Disposal

  • Proper disposal through our existing partner companies
  • Data protection-compliant destruction
  • Documentation and reporting on any disposals