Austrian Post share

The strategy rests on three cornerstones that share a common core, with sustainability, diversity and customer orientation as the overarching guidelines:

  1. Defending Market Leadership and Profitability in the Core Business
  2. Profitable Growth in Near Markets
  3. Development of Retail and Digital Offerings for Private Customers and SMEs

Austrian Post's investment story and strategy

 General information
Symbol (Vienna Stock Exchange)  POST
Reuters Code POST.VI 
Bloomberg Code POST AV
Total outstanding shares 67,552,638 shares
Listing Vienna Stock Exchange
Issue price EUR 19.00
First day of trading
31 May 2006
Minimum trading unit
Type of share Non-par value shares  
Stock split No stock split  
Dividend information1)
1.75 EUR/share in 2022

1) Proposal to the Annual General Meeting on 20 April 2023