Avoiding and reducing emissions in our core processes is always our top priority. We achieve this by increasing efficiency in our fleet and in our buildings.

Eco-efficiency in buildings

Regarding our buildings Österreichische Post, we also put ecological criteria first. We periodically observe and improve our energy consumption and constantly strive to optimise our building structure. Among others, we are gradually replacing fossil fuel-based heating systems with district heating and other alternatives, we are using more efficient lighting concepts and we are even generating our own solar power.

Eco-efficiency in transport

As part of our climate protection strategy, Österreichische Post strives to make its transports as eco-friendly as possible. More than 20% of delivery areas area covered by foot or by bike. We also strive to explore this potential in areas that are currently served by vehicles. Regarding our fleet, we are constantly expanding the number of vehicles with alternative propulsion systems while continuously increasing our ecological efficiency in transport. This also includes optimising our delivery routes by avoiding trips without deliveries and making the best use of the available space. Having a modern fleet that is serviced on a regular basis helps increase our fleet efficiency. Another accompanying measure in the area of eco-efficiency is specialised driver training for our drivers.