Every year, Österreichische Post offsets CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided with internal corporate measures. We do this by supporting climate protection projects. While many companies are legally required to this, Österreichische Post offsets emissions on a voluntary basis.

At Österreichische Post, we support both national and international projects. After all, climate change is a global problem that should be tackled with global approaches. We can fight climate change by lowering emissions anywhere in the world.

Quality assurance is key for selecting climate protection projects. The same is true for the CO2 calculations for the project in question and full transparency regarding the use of funds. For its selection, Österreichische Post takes into account ecological and socio-economic aspects, in addition to actual emissions savings.

All projects are evaluated by independent institutions using these institutions’ standards. The project selection and the offsetting approach behind the CO2-NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative are reviewed by TÜV Austria.


Österreichische Post supports international climate protection projects in the areas of energy efficiency, reforestation, biomass, geothermal energy, photovoltaic energy, sustainable forestry as well as hydroelectric and wind power.

Forests need to be preserved for the next generations because they are highly relevant for the global climate. This is why Österreichische Post supports reforestation and forest protection projects.


Reforestation - Malaysia
Reforestation - Colombia
Biomass - Brazil
Biomass co-firing - Thailand
Bikin Tiger - Russia
Reforestation - Brazil
Sustainable forestry - Panama
Nut project - Peru
Strengthening small farmers with reforestation - Kenya