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Would you like to send letter mail to destinations in Austria or abroad? Are you looking for additional products, shipping tips and inexpensive rates? Do you need information about our postcard app? You have come to the right place!


Send letter mail in Austria


Choose from two different letter mail products:


PRIO letters

PRIO letters are your best choice for time-sensitive letters. A minimum of 98% of PRIO letters sent in Austria arrive at their destination on the following business day. It doesn't get any faster than this. All our additional services are available for PRIO letters. You can post PRIO letters in one of our 15,000 letterboxes in Austria or one of our Österreichische Post service locations. You can also use stamps to pay for postage.


ECO letters

ECO letters are great if time is not of the essence. PRIO letters are delivered within 2 to 3 business days. You can post ECO letters at all Österreichische Post service locations. You cannot use stamps to pay for postage for ECO letters. They can be posted in letterboxes as postal stationery only (using envelope sets with prepaid postage available at our postal branches and in our online shop).


Pay for postage with stamps  yes -
Additional services (registered mail, deliver to addressee only, advice of receipt, etc.) yes -
Posting in letterboxes yes as postal stationery only
Counter at Österreichische Post service locations yes yes
Franking machine in self-service area of Österreichische Post service locations yes -
Franking service yes yes
Postcards yes -
Postcard set yes -
Domestic letter set yes yes
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International letter mail

Send letters abroad reliably and easily.

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Shipping advice

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Send letter mail, business clients

Information about sending business letters.

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