Area of responsibility, Peter Umundum

Receiving, sorting and delivery of: 
  • Post Express items
  • Parcels for business clients
  • Parcels for private clients
  • Large amounts of cash (cash logistics)
Additional logistics services
  • Parcel services including service preferred pickup station, service preferred postal branch, text and e-mail notifications, mail collection box, OMV
  • parcel service, eco box, gift box, insured parcel and wine parcel
  • Hazardous goods
  • Cash-on-delivery, track & trace item tracking
  • Warehousing services including value-added services
  • Deliveries to branches including value-added services
  • Return item logistics
  • Same Day and Next Day deliveries
  • Food delivery
  • Evening delivery
  • Front door solution
Logistics services
Parcels & Logistics
  • Online shop logistics (order and merchandise processing for mail-order sales)
  • Value Added Delivery (added-value services beyond parcel delivery)
  • Marketing services (advertising item logistics, loyalty programme management, product sam-pling)
  • Distribution logistics/outsourcing (outsourcing of the entire logistics process)
  • Shipping of valuables and high-security storage
  • Cash processing (counting, preparing and packaging of coins and bills)
  • Machine-related services (stocking/maintenance of ATMs and self-service machines)
Online services
  • Parcel stamps
  • Mail forwarding
  • Online portal/online shop
  • Item tracking
  • Release delivery authorization
  • Vacation hold mail
  • Parcel forwarding


Activities of the Parcel & Logistics division in Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and Bulgaria

Receiving, sorting and delivery of: 
  • Express mail items
  • Parcels for business clients
  • Parcels for private clients (in southeast and eastern Europe and in Turkey)
  • Combined freight items (parcel and pallet shipments)
Additional logistics services
  • Transport of hazardous goods