Georg Pölzl, Chairman of the Management Board (CEO)

Georg Pölzl has been Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Austrian Post since 1 October 2009. He consistently focuses on profitability and service orientation at Austrian Post. By following this path, Austrian Post will be able to succeed in times of market liberalisation and prepare the corporation for the future. 
Based on its strong position in Austria, Austrian Post’s strategy is clearly aligned with the following cornerstones: securing and expanding Austrian Post’s market leadership in Austria as well as pursuing growth in selected markets, especially in the Parcel & Logistics Division; continuously improving efficiency and streamlining the cost structure as well as developing even better customer orientation and introducing innovations in all business areas.
In cooperation with employees and executives, Austrian Post developed a corporate mission statement designed to serve as a guideline for the organization’s corporate culture. This mission statement describes the values the company believes in when it comes to interaction among employees, with clients, business partners and shareholders.

Area Of Responsibility

Walter Oblin, Deputy CEO, Mail & Finance (CFO)

Walter Oblin has been Chief Financial Officer of Österreichische Post since 1 July 2012 and deputy CEO since 1 January 2019. He is responsible for the following business divisions: Letter & Advertising Mail and Business Solutions. His responsibilities as a board member include Corporate Accounting & Treasury, Corporate Controlling, Corporate Real Estate, Corporate IT & Procurement as well as Corporate Legal, all of which are key management and service functions at the corporation.

The Letter & Advertising Mail division also includes marketing and sales activities for Letter Mail, Advertising & Publications as well as the physical and digital service offerings by Business Solutions - including the respective subsidiaries.

At bank99, Walter Oblin is the deputy chairman of the supervisory board.

Area Of Responsibility

Peter Umundum, Member of the Management Board, Parcels & Logistics (COO)

Peter Umundum joined Austrian Post in 2005 as a co-director of the Mail Division. Since 1 April 2011, he has been the board member in charge of the Parcel & Logistics Division, which has a strong market presence and company-owned subsidiaries in ten European countries. Peter Umundum is also the chairman of the supervisory board of EURODIS, a European transport network. Since 1 January 2019, Peter Umundum has additionally been in charge of operations in the Mail & Parcel Division. The Parcel & Logistics Division’s main assets are its comprehensive high-quality parcel services as well as its strong market position, which allows the division to provide efficient logistics services as well as value-added services tailored to the needs of every specific market. The division continues to focus on achieving profitable growth in Europe, expanding its range of services based on customers’ needs as well as taking every opportunity to increase efficiency.

Area Of Responsibility

Supervisory Board

Shareholder representatives

Edith Hlawati, Chair
Independent; first elected: 26 April 2007, born in 1957
Chief Executive Officer Österreichische Beteiligungs AG

Carola Wahl, Deputy Chai, Financial Expert
Independent; first elected: 21 April 2022, born in 1968
Executive Director Österreichische Beteiligungs AG

Huberta Gheneff
Independent; first elected: 19 April 2018, born in 1964
Attorney and partner at the law firm Gheneff-Rami

Felicia Kölliker
Independent; first elected: 17 June 2020, born in 1977
CRO PostFinance, Bern

Peter E. Kruse
Independent; first elected: 24 April 2014, born in 1950
Independent business consultant, investor and business angel

Chris E. Muntwyler
Independent; first elected: 22 April 2010, born in 1952
CEO, Conlogic AG (Switzerland)

Sigrid Stagl
Independent; first elected: 17 June 2020, born in 1968
Head of Department for Socioeconomics, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Stefan Szyszkowitz
Independent; first elected: 19 April 2018, born in 1964

Staff representatives

Helmut Köstinger
Member since 14 April 2005, born in 1957
Chairman of the Central Works Council of Österreichische Post AG

Richard Köhler
Member since 1 September 2021, born in 1965
Deputy Chairman of the Central Works Council of Österreichische Post AG

Maria Klima
Member since 30 October 2018, born in 1980
Member of the Central Works Council of Österreichische Post AG

Andreas Schieder
Member since 1 April 2022, born in 1976
Member of the Central Works Council of Österreichische Post AG

Independence of the Supervisory Board

Pursuant to C-Rule 53 of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, the Supervisory Board of Österreichische Post AG has defined the following criteria to determine the independence of Supervisory Board members, which are compliant with Appendix 1 of the January 2015 version of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code:

1. Supervisory Board members shall not have served as a member of the Management Board or as an executive of the company or one of its subsidiaries in the past five years.

2. Supervisory Board members shall not maintain or have maintained in the past year any business relations with the company or one of its subsidiaries to an extent that is significant for the Supervisory Board member in question. This shall also apply to rela-tionships with companies in which Supervisory Board members have a considerable economic interest, but not to carrying out functions on corporate bodies. The approval of individual transactions by the Supervisory Board according to L-Rule 48 does not auto-matically mean the person is considered to be not independent.

3. Supervisory Board members shall not have been an auditor of the company, have owned a share in the auditing company or have worked there as an employee in the past three years.

4. Supervisory Board members shall not be members of the Management Board of an-other company in which a Management Board member of this company is a Supervisory Board member.

5. Supervisory Board members shall not serve as members of the Supervisory Board for more than 15 years. This does not apply to Supervisory Board members who are share-holders with a stake in the company or who represent such a shareholder’s interests.

6. Supervisory Board members shall not be a close relative (i.e. direct descendant, spouse, partner, parent, uncle, aunt, sibling, niece or nephew) of Management Board members or of persons in one of the above-mentioned positions.

All shareholder representatives of Österreichische Post are independent. Written decla-rations of their independence have been submitted in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria. No shareholder representative has a stake of more than 10% in the company or represents the interests of such a shareholder.

There are no agreements between Supervisory Board members and Österreichische Post which would require consent or disclosure pursuant to Rules 48 and 49 of the Aus-trian Corporate Governance Code.