Corporate Governance

The Austrian Corporate Governance Code

The Management Board and Supervisory Board of Austrian Post are committed to the principles of good corporate governance and ultimately meeting investor expectations regarding the responsible and transparent management of the company with a long-term perspective. The Austrian Corporate Governance Code includes 83 rules for good corporate governance, which are divided into three categories:

  • Rules based on mandatory legal requirements (Legal Requirement)
  • Rules based on accepted international standards; non-compliance with these rules must be explained and the reasons stated in order to ensure behaviour in compliance with the code (Comply or Explain)
  • Rules which are merely recommendations; non-compliance requires neither disclosure nor explanation (Recommendation)

The Austrian Corporate Governance Code is publicly available on the Austrian Post website at as well as on the website of the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance at
Austrian Post complies with all “L-Rules” (Legal Requirement) as well as all “C-Rules” (Comply or Explain) included in the Austrian Corporate Governance Code.


Corporate Governance Report 2019


Austrian Post Articles of Association


Corporate Governance Code