Market research Because it is important for our clients
Ad hoc surveys about concept ideas or pretests for specific campaigns will provide valuable information and a sense of security.

Market research insight also provides guidance and serves as a basis for strategic decision-making. For that purpose, Österreichische Post periodically offers insightful studies:

Dialogue marketing report

What communication channels do Austrian businesses rely on to get their message to consumers? How much do they spend on advertising and how will they allocate their budget in the future? What advertising channels do consumers use and how do they perceive them? For answers to these questions, please read our latest dialogue marketing report.

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E-mail marketing whitepaper

Why are e-mail newsletters still the best digital option for increasing customer loyalty? What newsletter content hit the spot? How can businesses get more subscribers for their newsletters? Read our e-mail marketing whitepapers to find out.

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Industry tracking

As a service to businesses who advertise, this study provides the latest data about ad recall broken down by brands and media channels. This study was designed as an independent tool for measuring ad recall and shows how consumers subjectively perceive brands and if they remember the advertising channels used.

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