Success stories Try, quantify, optimise

We have realised that sometimes even small adjustments to campaigns or copy can have a significant impact on the success rate and that it pays off to try out different options.

What is needed here are serious tests with clearly defined KPIs and the corresponding measuring tools. The involved effort for this is usually low and the effect is all the bigger.


106% uplift

Hausmann, a wholesaler, sends out its outdoor furniture catalogue foil-coated with address la-bels. During a test run, a letter and coupon were added to the catalogue. There was a neutral version of the letter and another one that was different for women and men. The gender-focused option achieved a 75% higher response rate and an average purchase increase of 18%, which adds up to a 106% sales increase.


71% more clicks

Consumers decide on the spot if they are interested in something or not. Whatever they do not find relevant, they will ignore. A test run performed by Kieser Training shows how easy it can be to increase this perceived relevance. Different variations of the e-mail newsletter were sent out to the test group: one variation was sent to women and the other to men. The result: 71$ more clicks than for the standard variation.


70% higher response rate

At Forstinger, the discount mailing campaign sent out to repeat customers marks the beginning of the winter season. But the question was: should the envelope exclude any advertising, just the company logo or an advertising design? We tested all the options and found that the company envelope achieved a 4.6% response rate, while the envelope with the winter-themed design achieved only 2.7%. 70% more buyers at the stores are a clear result.


Three times more response

Traditional ad or advertorial, that is the question. We created a 50:50 variation for the prize draw in our Kuvert advertising sleeve. The response rate achieved by the advertorial was three times higher than for the traditional ad. For dialogue campaigns, we can test up to 4 different variations in our Kuvert advertising sleeve and quantify the result.

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