PRIO letters for business clients

Use our PRIO letter-mail service for extra swift and reliable delivery of your business mail. We deliver more than 95 % of PRIO items on the following business day.

Posting locations
To post your letters, choose from our comprehensive service network including 1,800 Austrian Post service locations as well as more than 200 self-service areas. If you post larger quantities (approx. 2,500 items and up) directly at our large-volume branches and distribution centres, you will benefit from particularly fast processing.

For any highly relevant PRIO items, you can combine our services "simple registered mail" or "registered mail" with other additional services such as deliver to addressee only, advice of receipt, do not deliver to persons authorised to receive mail, etc.

For franking your PRIO letters, you have the following options:

  • Postage paid indicium
    recommended for larger volumes.
    Please enter your customer details, number and weight of items in the PRIO letter posting list or use our software.
  • Postage paid by franking machine
    convenient and easy postage payment and a great option for your daily business mail

How to find the right rate (letter S, letter M, packet S, packet M) for your letter-mail item:

  • Item weight
  • Format (just use our sizing template to determine the right format)
  • Machine processability yes/no – for non-machine processable items, we will charge the next higher rate

For more information on the machine-processability of your letter mail item, please see our brochure "Addressing: getting it right" or simply have your item layout checked in advance by your customer advisor, our service point 0800 212 212 or online.

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All relevant information is available under "GTC domestic letter mail" and "product and rate overview - domestic PRIO letter mail items."

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