ECO letters for business clients

Use our ECO letter service to send items that are not too time-sensitive. This service is inexpensive and reliable. Items will reach their destination within 2 to 3 business days after posting.

Posting locations

ECO letters can be posted in any of our more than 1,750 Österreichische Post service locations. ECO letters sent as postal stationery can also be posted in letterboxes and in self-service areas.

When posting larger volumes (starting at approximately 2,500 items) directly at our postal branches for large volumes or in our distribution centers, you will benefit from accelerated processing and any applicable discounts.

You have the following options for postage payment:

Postage paid in cash

Recommended for larger volumes. Please enter your customer information, amount and weight of your items in the ECO letter posting list or use our software. The minimum volume for posting items with postage paid in cash is 20 units per format.

Paying for postage with a franking machine

Please post all ECO letters for which postage has been paid with a franking machine at the Öster-reichische Post counter. 

Posting ECO letters as postal stationery

Österreichische Post also offers envelopes with prepaid postage for ECO letters. Postal stationery can also be posted in self-service areas at Österreichische Post service locations and letterboxes.

How to find the right rate category  (letter S, letter M, packet S, packet M) for your letter mail items:

  • Item's weight
  • Format (use our sizing template to determine the format)
  • Machine processability yes/no – non-machine processable items are assigned to the next higher rate category

For more information about machine processability of your letter mail items, please read our cor-rect addressing brochure. Alternatively, you can have your item layout checked by your customer advisor, our service centre 0800 212 212 or online.

Go to GTC

All relevant information is available under "GTC domestic letter mail" and "product and rate overview - domestic ECO letter mail items".

ECO letter posting list (available in German only)


ECO letter posting list with preparatory services (available in German only)


Correct addressing with foldout (available in German only)


List of logistics centres and opening hours (available in German only)