Welcome to the Austrian Post service location platform

We are delighted to introduce our new platform for postal service locations. This page will keep you up to date about all news and products.  


Online shop for Österreichische Post service locations

We make ordering stamps convenient for you. Order them online! In our dedicated online shop, you can order definitive stamps, commemorative stamps, stamp sets etc. online. Log in from the convenience of your home or office and place your order anytime you want. We are always open.

In order to be able to use our online shop, you need to registered for our centralized or-dering system. If you have signed up already, you will have received the password for the online shop via e-mail. You can log on and order right away. If you have any ques-tions, please e-mail us at  postverkaufspunkt@post.at.

If you have not yet signed up for our centralized ordering system but would like to use the shop in the future, please e-mail us at postverkaufspunkt@post.at.
As a matter of course, you still have the option of purchasing your stamps at any postal branch or by sending us an order form via fax
(you can find the form "Order form for service locations" in our download area).

What are the requirements for being an Österreichische Post service loca-tion?

You can sell stamps if you have

  • a tobacconist/newspaper store (employee or owner)
  • or if you are a customer entitled to reselling and who can be trusted not to use the stamps for her or his own mail.

You have the authorization to resell if you have been registered in one of the following:

  • company register 
  • association register
  • KSV register
  • monopoly administration register

You can submit your application to be an Österreichische Post service location at any postal branch.


Österreichische Post service location agreement

If you would like to be an Österreichische Post service location, you have to register as such. The legal basis for selling stamps are the provisions for Österreichische Post ser-vice locations. To register, you will need the following documents:

  • A copy of proof that you have an active Österreichische Post service location (e.g. appoint-ment contract from the monopoly register or reselling proof such as a business license)
  • Important information: Please provide your telephone number so that we can get in touch with you quickly if we have any questions!

Our Österreichische Post service location team will send you an agreement including an envelope for returning it to us. Please sign it, stamp it with your business stamp and re-turn it to the address below within two weeks. Please note that by signing the agreement for Österreichische Post service locations, you are accepting our provisions.

Österreichische Post AG
Steinheilgasse 1
1210 Vienna   

Once you have received the authorization to be an Österreichische Post service location, we will assign a service number to you. As soon as you have been registered as an Öster-reichische Post service location, you can sign up for our centralized ordering system.

Centralised ordering

As a business partner of Österreichische Post, you can purchase stamps, telephone cards etc. from our centralized service unit. You have the following benefits:

  • Free delivery
  • Order 24/7 via our
  • Via fax or telephone:

Österreichische Post AG
Steinheilgasse 1
1210 Vienna
Telephone: +43 (0) 57767 / 95095
Fax:  +43 (0) 57767 / 95196

  • Cashless payment via direct debit (will be done after your items have shipped)

General terms and conditions, Österreichische Post service locations


Order form for service locations (available in German only)