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Sending Parcels

Use our services for speedy and safe delivery to the recipient.

Sending Parcels

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Additional Services for international parcels

Information about cash-on-delivery and insured parcels.

Additional Services for international parcels.

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#helptogether for the Ukraine

We support the Ukraine and send your aid packages free of charge to where they are needed.

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Letter international

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Discover the Austrian Post

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We offer a wide range of positions, career advancement, as well as flexible working hours. We value, recognise and acknowledge good performance.

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Corporate Headquarters

Press Room

In this section, you will find press information and our corporate press liaison for Austrian Post. Visit our picture archive and subscribe to our press newsletter.

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Investor Relations

In this section, investors will find comprehensive information about Austrian Post and its shares.

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Corporate Sustainability

At Austrian Post, corporate sustainability is a top priority, which is why not only financial, but also ecological and social factors play a decisive role in our strategy and corporate leadership. At Austrian Post, we are positive that only this combination with sustainable factors will make businesses resilient for the future and ensure their success now and in the future.

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Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Information

Austrian Post is Austria's leading logistics and postal services provider. Its main business activities include shipping and delivering letter mail, advertising mail, print publications and parcels.

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Frequently asked questions

Identity verification for your Business Austrian Post account is also available through our Österreichische Post customer service:

  • Create your account on post.at
  • Complete the contact form
  • Our Österreichische Post customer service will review your documents, verify your identity, and inform you via e-mail

For additional information and other identity verification options, please click here.

More than 96% of all PRIO letter mail items are delivered on the following business day.

More than 97% of domestic parcels are delivered within 2 business days.

Post Express items are delivery on the following business day by 1:00 p.m.

For information about international items, please see our rate calculator.
For detailed information, please see our rate calculator.
Click here for comprehensive information about our stamp subscriptions.
Please check if you have actually used a service provided by Österreichische Post AG or if you expect an item.
Never enter your access data or confidential information if prompted to do so in a link. When signing in, make sure you are logging on to a web site that is actually by Österreichische Post. Delete any e-mails that you find suspicious.
For additional information, please see our page "Online risks".