General FAQ

Private clients

Please check if you have actually used a service provided by Österreichische Post AG or if you expect an item.
Never enter your access data or confidential information if prompted to do so in a link. When signing in, make sure you are logging on to a web site that is actually by Österreichische Post. Delete any e-mails that you find suspicious.
For additional information, please see our page "Online risks".
For open positions/job listings, please visit: Job openings
Please enter the postal code you are looking for into our location finder.

In the SB Area of the Austrian Post, you can package, frank and dispatch around the clock. If you need any help, you can reach our SB-hotline via the following number:

+43 800 01 01 01
Mon-Fri 07:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Sat 08:00 – 20:00 Uhr
Public holiday: no Service

If your item status stays that the order data have been provided by the sender, it means that your item is not yet in our system. This is why no additional information about your item is available. All our employees are working hard to ensure items are distributed and delivered as swiftly as possible. We kindly ask for your patience.
An authorisation to receive mail allows you to determine up to five persons you trust to receive mail on your behalf. Go to authorisation to receive mail

When your item is at a distribution center, it means that

  • it is already in transit and in Austria (in the case of international items).
  • it has been handled at the distribution centre and forwarded to the correct delivery station.
  • this is an important first step for our delivery staff to eventually bring the item to your doorstep.
Use the search function in our branch locator to find postboxes, branches, pick-up stations, etc. close to your home.
Please go to our tracking service and enter your tracking number. It allows you to conveniently follow the status of your parcels and Post Express items.
Sometimes, items travel quite a bit before they reach your doorstep. This journey might include stops at several distribution centres. But no worries, your item will arrive soon, we promise!
You can permanently delete your Österreichische Post account by going to “My profile”, provided that there are no active orders. If there are any active orders, please cancel them first in your Österreichische Post account, by going to your postal branch, or by calling our customer service hotline.

In the event of a death, kindly use our contact form to send us the death certificate. Our customer service will also provide information about forwarding the deceased person's mail.

For comprehensive information about rates, additional services, and other details, please use our rate calculator.

E-mails and/or text messages are repeatedly sent out, pretending to be messages from Austrian Post. These points will help you determine if it is a so-called phishing message (i.e., a message sent with fraudulent intent):

  • Have you recently used a service from Austrian Post?
  • Take a close look at the sender of the message. Often, you can already tell from this that it is not a trustworthy message. Our messages always come from e-mail addresses that end in @post.at.
  • Never carelessly enter access data or confidential information when prompted. When logging in, make sure that the website is actually from Austrian Post. Delete any e-mails that seem suspicious to you.

    For detailed information, please visit our online risks page.

PostPay consumer FAQ


In that case, the delivery person will take your PostPay item to one of our Austrian Post service locations, where you can pay for it using cash or card.
If not all sellers in your shopping cart offer PostPay, you cannot use PostPay as a payment option for the entire shopping cart.

When the items are shipped, the seller provides us with your e-mail address. We send a payment invitation to this e-mail address, including a link that directs you to an Austrian Post information page for payment. Here, you can complete your payment in a convenient and secure process. Online payment in advance is possible until the item status in the tracking system changes to "in delivery". You can also pay in cash to the delivery person when receiving the package. If the item is already deposited at one of our Austrian Post service locations, you can pay either online using the payment invitation or in person using cash or card.

It is more convenient and secure. You can complete the authentication process (e.g., 3D-Secure for cards) at your leisure while your purchase is already on its way to you. You will be using your payment details exclusively for Austrian Post.
The refund method depends on how you paid for the PostPay item. If you paid with an online payment method, we will refund the amount to that payment method. If you paid in cash to the delivery person or at the Austrian Post service location, you can collect the refund in cash at an Austrian Post service location using a QR code sent to you via e-mail. You will receive a receipt from us by e-mail once the seller has authorised the refund.

For a successful refund process at one of our Austrian Post service locations, you need to show us the refund QR code sent to you by e-mail as well as your personal ID. The refund does not necessarily have to be picked up by the person who received the refund QR code via e-mail.

Online payment in advance is available until the status of the item in the tracking system changes to "in delivery". You can pay in cash when the package is delivered by the delivery person. If the item has already been deposited at one of our Austrian Post service locations, you can pay online via the payment invitation or in person using cash or card. Please note that the online payment window for your item will automatically close 14 days after the item data is provided by the seller.

Yes, if you make a timely online payment before the status in the item tracking changes to “in delivery”, your item will be dropped off as instructed or handed over to a neighbour.
If you are not home at the time of delivery, your item will be taken to an Austrian Post service location. You will receive a notification (“yellow paper slip”). If you have yet to pay for the PostPay item, you can do so when picking it up at the Austrian Post service location.
Please contact the seller and request them to start an item inquiry with Austrian Post.

For return items, we are instructed by the seller to issue a refund once the returned goods have been inspected. If you want to check the status of your return, please use the tracking service for the package you sent.

In general, all partial amounts will be refunded in the same way we received them from you (cash to cash, card to card, etc.). If a clear allocation is not possible, an alternative arrangement may be made.

PostPay is an upgrade of the traditional cash-on-delivery service offered by Austrian Post. Austrian Post collects the cash-on-delivery amount on behalf of and for the account of the seller. There is no contractual relationship between Austrian Post and you.

Austrian Post does not provide any payment services but only services related to cash-on-delivery. The payment services offered on the payment side are solely provided by the respective payment service providers. Austrian Post assumes no liability for any damages caused by the use of these payment services.


Private clients

  • Pension payments/family allowances/unemployment benefits can be paid out at our Österreichische Post service locations and by our delivery staff.
  • Transfers can be made as before at the Österreichische Post counter and at our self-service kiosks, if available.
  • Cash withdrawals can be made at the Österreichische Post counter and in the self-service area.
  • From 1 April, international money transfer via Western Union will no longer be available at Österreichische Post postal branches.
    This service will still be available at selected Österreichische Post Partners.
    From late April, our new money transfer service RIA will be available for all international transfers.
Banking transactions can be made during our entire opening hours.

Letter sending FAQ

Private clients

For letters and stamps, franking impressions may be used instead of stamps.
For additional information, please click here.
Since ECO BUSINESS items are not part of our universal services, they are subject to VAT. PRIO and ECO items, on the other hand, are exempt from VAT.
For comprehensive information about postage paid indicia, please click here.
For comprehensive information about maximum and minimum dimensions for letters and packets, please click here.
For detailed information, please see our rate calculator.
An extra fee in addition to postage applies for our additional services "simple registered mail" and "registered mail". All fees are available here:
In Austria, the standard delivery time for PRIO items is 1 business day (counting from the day of posting); for ECO items the delivery time is 2-3 business days. For information about international delivery times, please click here.
For comprehensive information about correct addressing, please click here.
Money may be sent in insured letters only. For comprehensive information about sending insured letters, please click here.
No, this option is not available. Registered mail may only be posted at Österreichische Post service locations, at posting boxes in self-service areas or at Österreichische Post distribution centres. This is the only way for you to get a certificate of posting.
You can follow the status of your item online. All you have to do is enter the registered mail number on the dedicated field.
Labels for registered mail are available free of charge at any Österreichische Post service location or from your customer advisor.
You will find your tracking number on your certificate of posting or on your receipt.

ECO letter: for non-time-critical items, the ECO letter is your best choice, offering great value for money. Delivery takes place within 2 to 3 working days. ECO letters can be posted in all mailboxes and at Austrian Post locations. They can be franked with stamps. All additional services are available for ECO and PRIO items sent to destinations in Austria.

PRIO letter: urgent items are best sent as a PRIO letters. At least 95% of PRIO letters sent within Austria reach their destination on the next business day. Over 97% of domestic parcels are delivered within 2 business days.

Post Express Austria items are delivered by the next working day by 1:00 PM at the latest.



For domestic letter mail, we offer a range of additional services:

  • Simple registered mail
  • Registered mail
  • Advice of receipt
  • Deliver to addressee only
  • Do not deliver to authorised recipients

For detailed information please visit: Send letter mail: tips and tricks - Austrian Post

GTC & Liability FAQ

Private clients

You can request a missing mail search 5 days after posting your item. You can do this online or in person at one of our Österreichische Post service locations. Please have your tracking number handy.

Items with the additional service "simple registered mail" or "registered mail" are insured against loss, theft, and damage up to 100 euros.

All our GTC are available here: GTC

Letter International FAQ

Private clients

Our additional service "simple registered mail" allows you to track your item from the time of posting in Austria all the way to delivery in the country of destination. You can follow the item status by going to post.at. For more information, please click here

Detailed information is available online under country-specific information.
In addition to postage, there is a charge of 3.95 euros for items sent worldwide. The rates for additional services for international letter mail items can be found here.
For comprehensive information about correct addressing, please click here.
Yes. The more inexpensive additional service "simple registered mail" is a great choice if you want a tracking service on post.at, but do not need an advice of receipt to prove that the item has been delivered to the recipient. For more information, please click here. 
Our additional service "simple registered mail" is the most inexpensive option to track your item from the time of posting in Austria all the way to delivery in the country of destination using our track and trace service on post.at. Unlike in the case of registered mail items, simple registered mail items are delivered to the letterbox and confirmed with a scan, without the need to sign for them. This means that the recipient does not need to be home to accept the item. For more information about the additional service "simple registered mail", please click here.

For international letter mail, we offer a range of additional services:

  • Simple registered mail
  • Registered mail
  • Advice or receipt
  • Deliver to addressee only
  • Insured letter
  • International reply item

For detailed information please visit: International letter mail: rates for international letter mail - Austrian Post

Parcel and Post Express

Private clients

For detailed information, please see our rate calculator.
Post Express is the perfect solution for you!
All you need to know about additional services, country-specific information etc. is available at "Post Express International".
More than 96% of all PRIO letter mail items are delivered on the following business day.

More than 97% of domestic parcels are delivered within 2 business days.

Post Express items are delivery on the following business day by 1:00 p.m.

For information about international items, please see our rate calculator.
For detailed rates and information about our additional services, please visit Post Express Austria.
For detailed rates and information about our additional services, please visit Post Express International.
Please go to our tracking service and enter your tracking number. This service lets you track all your parcels and Post Express items and check their current status.
Parcels to destinations in Austria are usually delivered within two business days.
Post Express items are usually delivered to recipients on the following business day by 1:00 p.m.; if required, Saturday delivery is available (by choosing the additional service).
Delivery times for international Post Express items are available here.
Deposited items that could not be delivered to the recipient personally will be available for pickup for at least 14 calendar days at your Österreichische Post service location, Österreichische Post pickup station, or Österreichische Post mail collection box.
Items deposited at a pickup station can be picked up 24/7. Some senders offer the option of sending your items to your preferred pickup station. As an alternative, you can forward your parcels via the Post app or online at post.at.

We have many additional services to fit your shipping needs.
Additional information is available here:


The following applies for delivery in Austria and abroad:

  • Address block aligned left
  • For items sent abroad, please print the country of the destination in the last address line
  • No empty line in the address information
  • Do not underline anything
  • No indented postal codes
  • No dash between postal code and destination
  • No country code before the postal code
Standard parcels (max. L 100 x W 60 X H 60 cm) are compact, rectangular, stackable, and sortable. The maximum weight is 31.5 kg.

Information that appears in the track and trace section includes correct details about your item. If item information that you have received from third parties does not match the data in Austrian Post’s track & trace section, please contact the company in question.

  • Item in distribution: your package has safely arrived with us and will be delivered to you in the course of the next working days. This means that the item is already in transit and, in the case of an international item, it is in Austria. Your item goes through various stations in Austria. Therefore, the postal code of the current logistics centre is always displayed to you.
  • Item in delivery: Your item is expected to arrive today. The postal code displayed in the item tracking system belongs to the last transport station.
If you see this status, it means that the sender has already printed the shipping label. However, the item itself has not yet been handed over to Austrian Post. The status is usually only active for a few business days. If it does not change, please contact the sender.

Were you not able to receive your item personally? In this case, the delivery person has left a notification in your postbox. The collection period begins the following day and lasts until the third following Monday.
An exception applies to online retailers who may specify a shorter storage period of 5 business days.
To make sure you do not miss the deadline, the delivery person will note the last day you can pick up your item on the notification.



The item could not be delivered to the addressee due to incomplete or incorrect address information. The item will be returned to the sender. In addition to name, postcode, city/town and street name, the street number, door number and, if available, staircase number are important. The sender alone can change or complete the address.

The item is ready for pickup. You can pick up your item until the end of the storage period. This storage period is indicated on your notification.
Austrian Post service location: your item is waiting for you at the Austrian Post service location. The item is ready for pickup at an Austrian Post service location and can be picked up during opening hours. For information about our locations and opening hours, please click here.
Pickup station: your item is available for you at a pickup station. You can pick up your item until the end of the storage period. You will need the notification code to pick up your item.
You can retrieve your item from the Austrian Post pick-up box. For more information, please click here.
We have received your parcel and it will be delivered to you in the next business days. This means that your item is already in transit and, in the case of an international item, that it is already in Austria.
Your item will go through several stations in Austria. Therefore, the postcode of the latest logistics centre will always be displayed.
Your item is expected for delivery today. The postcode shown in the item tracking service belongs to the last transport station.
If you are not at home at the time of delivery and if you do not use any receiving option: the delivery person will leave a notification in your postbox stating where you can pick up your parcel.

The item has been forwarded to the country of destination. For items sent to destinations in Austria, the item status will be updated as soon as the item has been recorded in one of our logistics centres. For items to international destinations, the next update of the item status will be performed by the carrier in the respective country.

The item was delivered to the addressee. Items returned to the sender were delivered to the sender.

If the item is sent to a destination in Austria, it was handed over to Austrian Post. The item will be shipped to one of our logistics centres and as soon as the item has been scanned there, your item’s status will change. Should the status not change over a longer period of time, please contact the sender.
For items from abroad, this status means that the item has been handed over to the carrier in the respective country.

There is a slight delay in the delivery of your item. You do not have to take any action. We expect the item to be delivered to you in the next business days. Should the status not change over a longer period of time or appear again, please contact our Austrian Post Customer Service.
Please enter your item number in the track & trace service. The item number can look like this: 1011236513864670170531, CA482156827DE. You will find the item number on your posting receipt. After entering your item number, you will see your item's status.

FAQ Post Loop


No, you can use the RE-ZIP app without creating an account. However, please note that without an account, you will not be able to save your vouchers in case you want to delete the app or switch to a new device. If you need to reinstall the app, for example, we recommend that you create an account or take a screenshot of your existing vouchers. If you create an account, your vouchers will always be stored on it.

Yes, please scan the QR code on the flap once you are at a return point. As soon as you have scanned the flap, you can return the Post Loop packaging.

If the packaging you received is damaged, please return the packaging as described in the instructions. We will ensure that it is properly disposed of. Since we record the life cycle of all Post Loop packagings, it is essential that they are returned to us.

You will receive your voucher in the RE-ZIP app after you scan the flap at a return point and post the packaging for returning.

The app allows you to see the closest return points while giving you an overview of all returned packages. In addition, the app is where you will be receiving your vouchers. As an alternative, you can return your packaging without using the app at all Austrian Post return points (letterboxes, self-service areas and Austrian Post service locations). However, if you do not use the app, you will unfortunately not receive any voucher for your next order.

The RE-ZIP app uses your GPS for two purposes: 

  • to show you the closest return point
  • to verify that you are at a return point whenever you want to scan and return a Post Loop packaging

This can only be done with your GPS location data.

Post Loop is a service by Austrian Post that allows for the use of reusable packaging. Online shops use these reusable packages to ship their goods, you remove the goods and then return the empty packaging to any Austrian Post return point. The packaging is then inventoried and processed so that it can be resent, making it reusable up to 30 times. This saves a lot of resources, effectively protecting the environment.

  • If you are at a return point and get the following message: "You are not at a return point":
    You might have to move a few meters for the scanner to open. The distance is indicated in the lower part of the screen.
  • If the scanner doesn't react to the QR code:
    Try closing the Re-Zip app and opening it again.
  • If you get an error message when scanning the flap:
    This is probably a storage error, which means that the QR code cannot be scanned. We recommend taking a picture of the flap with the QR code and sending it to the Austrian Post Customer Service. We will then check the return item and you will subsequently receive your voucher. You can drop off the packaging as you usually do.

You can use the Post Loop packaging to return a product to the online shop. Simply place the product in the reusable packaging following the instructions printed on the packaging. Then follow the online shop's returns process.
Please note: if you use the Post Loop packaging to return a product, please make sure that you do not scan the QR code on the flap and that the flap is not visible during shipping.

Try closing the app and opening it again. If that doesn't help, please contact the Austrian Post Customer Service.
If you were directed to a return point that has closed or relocated, please let us know here so that we can immediately update the information. 

If that happens, please contact the online shop because they are in charge of the vouchers.

On the flap of the Post Loop packaging, you will find a QR code with the packaging ID. After scanning this code at the return point, you will receive a voucher as a token of appreciation for successfully returning the Post Loop packaging.

Post Loop is a complete cycle for reusable packaging. Thanks to our collaboration with our partner RE-ZIP, we offer easy and low-threshold packaging return at return points operated by Austrian Post (letterboxes, self-service areas, and Austrian Post service locations).

Folding varies depending on the type of packaging. Please follow the instructions printed on the packaging to fold it correctly. Make sure that the flap with the return label for returning the empty packaging is clearly visible. For the packaging to complete as many cycles as possible, please use care when removing items and folding the packaging. We kindly ask you not to cut or tear the packaging.

After you have received your order, fold the packaging to letter size. You will find instructions on the packaging. And this is how you can then return the Post Loop packaging:

  • Find the nearest return point in the RE-ZIP app. You can drop the packaging in a letterbox, hand it in at an Austrian Post self-service area, or take it to an Austrian Post service location.
  •  At the return point: scan the QR code on the flap of the Post Loop packaging with the Re-Zip app and drop the packaging in the box.
  • For returning the packaging, you will receive a thank-you gift from the online shop you ordered from.

Terms and conditions depend on the online shop that offers Post Loop packaging. For detailed information about your voucher, please visit the website of the online shop you ordered from.

Our Post Loop parcels can be reused up to 10 times. Our Post Loop envolopes can go through up to 30 cycles. With detailed environmental analyses, we ensure that the packaging is sustainable throughout its product life cycle. Which is why we ask you to return all Post Loop packaging, so we can make sure that all packaging can be reused as many times as possible. At the end of the product's life, we ensure that the packaging is disposed of properly.

We clean all packaging and perform a quality assessment to ensure that they are ready for the next cycle.

You can redeem your voucher at the same online shop from which you ordered your Post Loop packaging. Voucher conditions may vary depending on the online shop.

To find the closest return point, please use the RE-ZIP app. Go to "Map" and then click on "Find closest return point".

Post Loop packaging is available at online stores that have decided to offer sustainable packaging. If the online shop you are ordering from offers Post Loop packaging, you will be given this option before the check-out.


Private clients

Click here for comprehensive information about our stamp subscriptions.
All philately news!
Yes, you can purchase all valid stamps by Österreichische Post AG in our online shop. You can choose between stamps for postage and for philately purposes.
Click here for comprehensive information about our product MEINE MARKE personalised stamps.
Click here to go to our philately shops.
Click here to find all information about our special post offices.

FAQ Crypto stamp

Private clients

Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.
No, it is not compatible with the Crypto stamp collection.
No. As soon as you buy the Mystery Box you receive your NFTs and can start trading.
This feature will be supported approx. 4 weeks after the CSA drop. Withdrawal will be available under this link  https://tokapi.com/transfer?locale=en
These digital-only CSA Mystery Boxes each contain four Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which come in different colours, some rarer than others – see colour pyramid.
  • Crypto stamp art is where you buy a digital mystery box with NFTs and you receive a collectable Special art stamp on top. You can buy them via the Tokapi platform. https://tokapi.com/drops/b971d37b-4e18-416b-8068-12d0be67b939?locale=en

  • Crypto stamp is a stamp with a digital twin (NFT) in the blockchain. You can buy them online, in our branch network and via our collector’s service. A certain number of Crypto stamps are available in the onchain store.
The special art stamp is a limited-edition stamp, an exclusive collector’s item, that you can use as a stamp, or you can keep the part with the artwork of Red Mercury.
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which basically is a unique digital creation, stored on a Blockchain to record the ownership. Often those creations are assets such as artworks or collectibles.
NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a standard for special microchips that can communicate with modern smartphones.
The special art stamp has such an NFC chip built in. This is used to check the authenticity of the special art stamp.
When you hold your smartphone close to the special art stamp, the smartphone communicates with the NFC and checks whether the special art stamp is genuine.
We only receive the information we need to deliver the special art stamp. All other data remain with Tokapi.
Tokapi works like a normal online marketplace. You can buy, sell and collect NFTs. For using this platform you have to register and if you want to sell your NFTs you have to verify your identity.
Possible with all valid currencies (FIAT) either with VISA & Mastercard debit/credit cards and SOFORT bank transfer.
After purchasing your digital Mystery Box, you will receive your special art stamp per post. So, it is important you fill out the correct delivery details, otherwise we cannot send it to you.
Tokapi currently supports VISA & Mastercard Debit/Creditcards and SOFORT.
Inspired by historic stamps from 1851, we chose the colours red (1%), blue (30%), yellow (10%) and rose (58.96%) for the digital world as well. And there's more: among the 2,500 boxes, there are four extremely rares boxes with a unique NFT: the green (0.01%), turquoise (0.01%), and purple Mercury (0.01%) and Friedrich Mercury (0.1%).
The special art stamp is not available for purchase, you receive it automatically sent to you after purchasing your digital Mystery Box. So, it is important you fill out the correct delivery details, otherwise we cannot send it to you.
The CSA Mystery Boxxx is available exclusively on the Tokapi platform.

Card Studio

Private clients

Try turning the smartphone off and on again. If that doesn't work, uninstall the app and reinstall it. If the problem persists, please contact Post customer services at kartenstudio@post.at including a description of the problem (mobile phone, operating system, screenshot).
After the payment for your postcard was succesfull, you will receive an order confirmation in the form of your order number. This can also be found in the gallery under “Sent” next to the respective card. Detailed information on the order history can also be found there. If you are a registered user or if you entered your e-mail address in the shopping cart, you will also receive an order confirmation by e-mail.
No, postcards can be ordered starting from a quantity of one item.
For orders of 1,000 cards or more, please contact our customer service at kartenstudio@post.at.
Please make sure that all rights for the pictures you are using belong to you.
They can be deactivated in the app's settings on your phone.
These are stock photos that are used for illustration purposes only. There are no rights existent to reproduce these photos, as the user is required to personalize the cards with their own photos.
All of your drafts are saved in the “My Cards” tab.
Please check the expiry date of the voucher or send your request to kartenstudio@post.at.
If your card did not reach the intended recipient, there could be various reasons. Please help us to identify the missing order by notifying us of the address of the recipient, the date of the order or – if known – the order number.
The Post KartenStudio is a service offered by Austrian Post which allows you to design real postcards via app or desktop in the sizes A6. The cards will be printed and sent by the Austrian Post.
You can find the 3-digit verification number on the back of your credit card. In order to optimize payment security, the card verification number is requested for credit card payments during the ordering process. This is a security function specially used by the credit card companies by querying them to ensure that the credit card is physically present when the order is placed.
Please make sure that you have all rights to the image that you want to send. Set the resolution of your camera on the device to maximum! Also make sure that your software is always up to date, so that perfect functionality can be guaranteed. No guarantee can be given that the app will work properly for devices with Jailbreak or Custom Rom.
The postcards all use the A6 format, which is 105 x 148 mm.
Please note that you must give the application all the necessary rights (e. g. access to your photos and access to your contacts) so that it is fully functional.
You will find the data protection requirements in our data protection guidelines, which you will need to accept when starting the app. They can also be found inside the app in the menu area.
Payment is made online (e. g. by credit card, bank transfer, etc.) or by voucher code.
Your data and the data of the recipient of your postcard are subject to data protection laws and the confidentiality of letters and will therefore not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.
Due to the technological upgrade of the app and to apply with GDPR regulartions, the data from the Postkarten App had to be deleted and will not be accessible anymore.
You can either type in the recipients or select them directly from your address book. Please make sure that postal addresses in your address book are up to date and that no special characters or emoticons are used. Any number of postcards can be sent with one payment process. You can, however, temporarily save all of the postcards you have created in the gallery and simply send them at a later point in time.
All postcards for which payment has been received are collected daily, printed and sent no later than the following working day (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). Within Austria, postcards are usually delivered to the selected recipient no later than three days after the production day. When shipping abroad, there are different delivery times, which vary depending on the destination.
If any questions, problems or suggestions regarding the Post Online Services occur, our postal customer service department will, of course, be happy to help you via e-mail kartenstudio@post.at.
The price is made up of the production and postage costs. A postcard costs 1.99 Euro including production and postage. A postcard creeated with our App, always costs the same, regardless of whether you send it within Austria or abroad.
You can download the app free of charge from the respective app store. The app is available for the iOS and Android operating systems.
Each order is given its own order number. If you have any questions about the cards you have ordered, please include this order number.

Das Flugblatt

Private clients

No, you can also use other "leaflet opt-in" stickers from previous initiatives. If you don't have any sticker handy, NOT having the "no advertising" sticker on your letter box will do the job. In this case, you will receive KUVERT with all discounts and special offers.

Customs, Import

Private clients

Please note that items that include merchandise from a third country (non-EU country) have to be registered with the Austrian customs authorities before they can be delivered. There will be an inspection to determine if duties will be charged or if all import regulations were complied with. This might take a few days.

Please note that the following fees and duties will apply to your items following customs declaration and will be collected upon delivery:

  • 20% import turnover tax
  • Customs duty on goods valued over 150 euros
  • Import tariff depending on the value of goods and product (import customs clearance, international parcels)
  • Any applicable excise taxes – for all goods subject to excise duty such as alcohol and alcoholic products, beer, intermediate products (Beer Tax Act), sparkling wine, wine, intermediate products (Sparkling Wine Tax Act), mineral oils, and tobacco products. Further information can be found on the website of the website of the Federal Economic Chamber.
  • For information on handling and storage fees in case contact with the recipient is necessary, please refer to the details in the fee schedule for customs services. You can find the price sheet here.

For items with a value over 150 euros, additional customs duties apply. The amount of these duties varies significantly depending on the goods themselves.

Customs regulations require customs payment for items from non-EU countries. Depending on the content, merchandise value and any applicable duty-free allowances, the customs authorities collect import turnover tax and, if applicable, customs duties. These are due immediately upon import. Österreichische Post AG makes these customs payments on behalf of the recipient. At the time of delivery or handover at an Österreichische Post service location, we will charge these duties to the recipient. Österreichische Post charges import duty for third-country items for this service, which includes recording and checking item data.
As a result of customs regulations, items from non-EU countries must be cleared through customs. If not all documents required for customs clearance are available, Österreichische Post will get in touch with the recipient.
The recipient has the option of a) providing the required documents, paperwork etc. so that they can receive the item after it has been cleared through customs.
Option b) is to not provide any documents, paperwork, etc. and for the recipient to declare that they do not want to accept the item. In this case, the item will be returned to the sender.
In the case of option a), we will charge a handling and storage fee for the subsequent customs clearance.

A private gift parcel is merchandise sent from one private person from a non-EU country to another private person in the EU, provided that

  • such items are sent infrequently
  • such items include only merchandise for personal use and the amount and volume does not lead to believe that a commercial purpose exists and
  • the recipient receives the merchandise without having to make a payment.

Private gift parcels are exempt from taxes and duties up to a merchandise value of EUR 45. If a business client/company is involved as a sender, the item cannot be processed exempt from taxes or duties.

The item's content and merchandise value have to be proven via a proof of value that needs to be affixed to the outside of the item and has to be clearly visible. Please note that we cannot accept documents written in Chinese, Cyrillic or other script.

 If not all documents required for customs processing are available, Österreichische Post will get in touch with the recipient. This might lead to additional costs.

In the customs declaration that accompanies the item, please make sure to provide the following information if you would like to declare the item as a gift:

  1. Type of item: gift
  2. Value (in EUR or another currency)

Unless all these formalities are met, we cannot process the item without charging taxes and duties.

In the latter case, Österreichische Post will charge an import fee to cover the effort required for recording and providing electronic data. This fee is EUR 5 for gift parcels. 

Additional costs may apply to items that do not meet all the criteria listed above. 

Items with a merchandise value of more than EUR 150 are subject to customs duties. The amount of these duties strongly depends on the merchandise itself and will therefore vary. 

When you placed your order, you paid for the merchandise, but import duties apply as well. All postal items need to be reviewed for customs and tax purposes at the time of import.

Exception IOSS items: if, at the time of the purchase, the Austrian VAT was charged by the online store, it is safe to assume that the retailer has an import-one-stop-shop (IOSS) number and that they pay this tax to the authorities. In this case, no import turnover tax or import fee will be charged at the time of import.

Please note: along with their customs declaration, business clients also need to provide their EORI number. This EORI number can either be provided in the “information from the recipient”, in the document mentioned above or in any other document.

Effective 1 July 2021, the duty and tax-free allowance for merchandise from non-EU countries under EUR 22 no longer exists. This means that all merchandise imported into the EU will be subject to import turnover tax, independently of the merchandise value. For every import item, a customs declaration with duty assessment is required.

This regulation is based on an EU decision and has been introduced to create more fiscal fairness among international retailers and retailers in the EU and, ultimately, Austrian retailers. After all, clients who buy at retail stores in Austria have to pay VAT for the merchandise they purchase.
For the customs declaration and the verification of import regulations, information about the merchandise value and the content of the merchandise is required. This information is to be provided by the sender by way of a customs declaration (form CN23).

In order to prepare the customs declaration for your item, we need a purchase order as well as proof of payment

On the purchase order, the following information needs to be clearly visible:

  • the item you ordered
  • the volume you ordered
  • invididual values for articles ordered and
  • shipping fees paid

If you are unsure which articles are included in the item subject to customs duties, compare the item number you received from us via letter mail or e-mail with the number provided by the online shop you ordered from. 

As proof of payment, we need an excerpt from the posting line. This can be, for instance, a PayPal invoice, credit card statement or transfer confirmation. Please note that we do not accept documents in other scripts (Chinese, Cyrillic) or pro forma invoices.


There are a few reasons for a customs impediment. Below please find a list. Detailed information is available underneath.

Impediment as indicated on complement to customs declaration

If none of the reasons above applies, you will find the reason on the supplement to the customs declaration.

For additional information, please visit the web site of the Austrian customs authorities.

For every customs declaration, an import permit pursuant to the 2011 Foreign Trade Act as amended is required.
Any customs declaration for merchandise subject to the 2009 Species Trade Act as amended requires an import permit from the competent Federal Ministry. If the import permit is not presented in a timely manner, the item will be handed over to the customs authorities.

To complete the customs declaration for medicaments, the corresponding import permit pursuant to the 2010 Medicament Import Act as amended is required. The import permit pursuant to the 2010 Medicament Import Act as amended is required unless an exception pursuant to the 2010 Medicament Import Act applies.

Private individuals are not eligible to apply for an import permit. You can find more information at the following link.

To complete the customs declaration, a confirmation regarding import privileges from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its original letter form is required, e.g. for certain objects of diplomatic representatives.
Any product that fully or partially consists of tobacco and was designed to be smoked, sniffed, sucked or chewed as well as any novel tobacco product, plant-based smoking product, electronic cigarettes and associated liquids are considered tobacco products or similar products pursuant to the Austrian Tobacco and Non-Smoker Protection Act. Such tobacco products may only be imported by recipients who have the above-mentioned business licence.
It means that the merchandise value indicated by the sender appears to be unplausible and needs to be reviewed. For the customs declaration, certain documents are required, including invoice, transfer confirmation, PayPal invoice or any other proof of value that shows the exact value of the item.
For the customs declaration of tobacco products pursuant to the 1996 Tobacco Monopoly Act as amended as well as of tobacco products and similar products pursuant to the Tobacco and Non-Smoker Protection Act as amended such as e-cigarettes and associated liquids, a business licence for this retail business or as a retail agent pursuant to the 1994 Industrial Code as amended is required.
For the customs declaration of return items, either a copy of the air waybill (AWB) or the certificate of posting is required for merchandise worth under EUR 1,000. For merchandise worth more than EUR 1,000, an e-export confirmation is required.
For customs declarations, documents are required. This can be, for instance, an invoice, transfer confirmation, PayPal invoice or any other appropriate proof of value. Please note that we do not accept documents in other scripts (Chinese, Cyrillic) or pro forma invoices.
Please check the first page of the letter to learn the deadline for sending the documents. In any case, we kindly ask you to provide the missing documents as soon as you can after receiving the supplement to the customs declaration. This will avoid unnecessary delays.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with our customer support service. To be able to send you the notice, we will need the CRN number and a valid e-mail address.

  • the CRN number of your shipment or details to uniquely identify your shipment (e.g. consignment number)
  • a valid e-mail address to which the notice can be sent
As proof of payment, we need to see the posting line. This can be, for instance, a PayPal invoice, credit card statement or transfer confirmation. Please note that we do not accept documents in other scripts (Chinese, Cyrillic) or pro forma invoices.
No, there is no option of picking up the item yourself.
Please get in touch with the customs authorities and provide all your data. You have the option of disputing the duties notice. Follow the steps indicated in the instructions for legal remedy and get in touch with the customs authorities indicated in the letterhead of the notice.
In case the provided information is insufficient for completing the customs procedure, the recipient in Austria will be notified by Österreichische Post AG.
Counterfeiting refers to the imitation and falsification of products, i.e., the targeted violation of trademark laws, patent rights, copyright, and other intellectual property rights as well as their illegal use. For more information, please visit the website of the Austrian Ministry of Finance.
Thanks to the digitalization of notices, Österreichische Post shortens the overall delivery time for clients. This gives clients the option of downloading the notice on their own anytime 24/7. For us as a company, this is an environmentally friendly approach and we encourage paperless processes in the entire corporation.
For security reasons, users are required to log on to the website to download the notice. To be able to view the import documents, the CRN number (the item’s 6-digit code) is required. Users can download the notice as often as they want.

Alternatively, you can request the notice via our customer service. You will need the CRN number and a valid e-mail address for us to send you the notice.

The EORI number is needed for business clients. It is used to identify entrepreneurs and other persons in their relations with customs authorities. For additional information, please visit the website of the Austrian Ministry of Finance.

Please go to our tracking service  within three months to download the notice in PDF format using the 6-digit code on the sticker. 
If you were contacted by e-mail, please send an e-mail with the subject “Rückmeldung zu XXX“ and attach the missing documents (PDF format preferred) to the following e-mail address: postverzollung.wien@post.at. For items from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, please e-mail us at postverzollung.wolfurt@post.at

If you do not want to receive the item, please use the subject “Rückmeldung zu XXX – Annahme verweigert“.

If you were contacted by letter mail, please check the relevant option for “RÜCKMELDUNG ZU” (response regarding) on the enclosed response element and return it to the address indicated on the letter along with the missing documents.


Private clients

You need to use the same currency for all articles. If you are sending several articles with different currencies in one shipment, please do the conversion using the exchange rate for the current day. You can select the currency in the main form under “item information”.
Your e-mail address allows us to get in touch with you swiftly in the case of missing documents for the customs clearance procedure. If we cannot reach the recipient, the process might be delayed.
In that case, there is no need to provide any information about the importer, authorization number, or certificate number.
Data needs to be transmitted for used items as well. In addition, you need to provide an invoice or indicate a plausible present value. The merchandise’s country of origin is the country where the article was produced. Please see our FAS “merchandise’s country of origin”.
Depending on the recipient’s country, different import duties (import turnover tax and, if applicable, customs and duties) might apply. The recipient will have to pay these on site.
All data (sender, recipient, and customs data) will be forwarded to the recipient country in an electronic format. Information relevant for customs will be stored for 5 years (Section 23 of the Customs Law Implementing Act).
Net weight is the weight in kilos per unit excluding the packaging. The gross weight is the weight in kilos per unit including the packaging.
The country of origin is the country where the merchandise is from; where it was produced, manufactured, or assembled. If several countries were involved in the production, the country of origin will be the country where the last substantial economically justified processing or working took place.
The tariff number refers to the 6-digit customs code. For comprehensive information about the integrated tariff of the European Union (TARIC), please visit the website of the European Commission.
Objects that do not fall into the “documents” category are considered merchandise. Documents are defined as purely printed matter without any commercial value. For instance, plane tickets or data carriers such as USB sticks are considered merchandise.
Please provide detailed information of the contents in English, e.g., shirts made of cotton. Provide a detailed description and the unit of measurement for every article. General descriptions such as “clothes”, “samples” or “spare parts” are not acceptable. Instead, please provide a detailed description such as “men’s polyester/cotton shirts”.
You will need customs forms, invoices, or pro forma invoices (a pro forma invoice is proof for merchandise that has no commercial value). For detailed information, please see the customs regulations.